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Solix Cloud Application Retirement

Obsolete, duplicate, and unused applications that remain running in many data centers are a big drain on IT budgets, and retiring these applications can pay tremendous dividends by freeing staff, reducing license and maintenance fees, and lowering power cost. Many data center consolidation projects have been launched as a result. Gartner estimates that 10% of applications running in an un-optimized portfolio are candidates for retirement and an additional one-third should be migrated or rationalized.

Furthermore, as enterprise applications are migrated to the cloud, an important consideration is, “what happens to the old system?” Solix Cloud Application Retirement decommissions applications and retires data while maintaining universal access and availability to the data archive. What’s more, the expenses of licensing, managing and supporting the legacy application is reduced or eliminated.

Candidates for application retirement are not hard to find. The most obvious are obsolete applications that are no longer delivering business value or have been replaced, but not yet shut down. Applications with duplicate functionality on boarded through mergers and acquisitions are also good candidates for decommissioning. Obviously, retiring these legacy applications creates a major savings opportunity for tight IT operating budgets.

But shutting down applications is more complex than it might first appear. One issue is that the data is often stored in non-standard formats, and it must be preserved both for internal business uses and compliance reasons. This data also presents three related problems:

  • How will the data be migrated to storage tiers while preserving the vital metadata and application context without which much of the information is lost?
  • Can the data be compressed to further save on storage media costs without losing the context?
  • How will users access the data once the original application is shut down?

Solix Cloud Application Retirement preserves the full metadata context in complete business objects, automatically de-duplicates the data, compresses it as much as 90%, and then stores it in an immutable format that can be viewed, searched, and imported into reports. At the same time the original data is available unchanged to meet compliance requirements.

Once deployed, Solix Cloud Application Retirement processes are repeatable for other application retirement projects across the enterprise. Solix Cloud Application Retirement deployments are cable to replace multiple servers, applications and entire landscapes of storage infrastructure. Costs are significantly reduced, and significant operational efficiencies may be achieved.