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Solix Cloud Database Archiving

Active archiving helps IT organizations meet SLAs, reduce costs, and improve the performance of enterprise applications. Maintenance and overhead costs are reduced, and IT organizations are better able to leverage their existing investments in database technology and storage.

The database archiving process itself is about capturing complete business objects which represent snapshots of business transactions. Complete business objects include not only transaction level details, but also metadata or “information about the information.” For example, an invoice must not only include line items, but also customer name, account number and payment terms. Solix Cloud Database Archiving not only extracts complete business objects, it manages policy conditions. For instance, all archived invoices must be 18 months old, posted and remitted in full. It is only thru capturing complete business objects that related reference and master information can be archived together.

Database Archiving

Solix Cloud Database Archiving is policy based and features an “application aware” framework for leading enterprise applications. By ensuring that each piece of information archived is part of a complete business object, archives gain proper context for each transaction to better meet business objectives. This application awareness framework is also extensible to custom applications and data warehouses. Solix Cloud Database Archiving “application aware” support is available for many leading business applications including:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications
  • Siebel
  • JD Edwards
  • BaaN