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Solix Cloud

Solix Cloud provides database archiving, application retirement, and an ILM framework for small, medium and large enterprises to manage the complexity and the risk of storing vital information. For these organizations cloud archiving represents an on demand approach to data growth challenges.

Many IT organizations have already embraced the cloud as an overall strategy, and for them archiving to the cloud is just another way to reduce IT complexity. Brandon Gage, senior vice president of technology at Newport Beach, California based United Capital Financial Advisors, LLC agrees. “We sat back one day and said, ‘Why do we have all this complexity?’ Every server you have, you have to maintain patches and pay for licensing.”4 And of course, every server moved to the cloud is one less server to manage.

As IT organizations utilize the cloud to reduce cost and complexity, ILM applications such as database archiving and application retirement are emerging as top choices for cloud deployment.