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Universal Access

Access to archived data in the Solix Cloud is managed either natively thru the application itself or thru universal access offered by the Solix Application Portfolio Manager (APM). Native access is attractive because end users are able to access archived data through the original application interface, and run the same reports and queries used to process live data. But when the native application is finally retired, functionally changed through an upgrade cycle or not available for any reason, native access to the archive may no longer be possible.

Universal access, on the other hand, is application independent and ensures access to archived data even after the native application is decommissioned or unavailable for any reason. Many users implement universal access from the outset to ensure they will always have consistent access to archived data, even after the native application is retired. In addition Solix APM provides a universal access path to all applications in the archive portfolio, eliminating the need to maintain native tool sets for each application. By providing universal access across an entire enterprise application portfolio, Solix APM offers a flexible alternative which supports the entire data life cycle.

Solix APM also offers a comprehensive reporting dashboard, retention management and legal holds functionality for either active data or data stored in long term archives. And a visual query builder is available to create adhoc queries and reports on the fly. To provide secure access control Solix APM is provisioned with role based security, and utilizes LDAP or Active Directory to integrate with existing enterprise identity management infrastructure.

Solix APM can also register and launch 3rd party reporting and analytic tools such as SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports or ODBC/JDBC. This collaborative model enables power users to create, save, test, run and eventually share the queries and reports with end-users.

Universal Access enables Collaboration