File shares deployed all the way down to the departmental level are critical to any business, yet too often become disjointed islands of information across the enterprise that are often under-managed and under maintained. Security, risk and compliance concerns abound as more and more file shares are deployed across the enterprise. Businesses are under immense pressure to keep accurate accounts of their business documents, for legal and compliance purposes alike.

SOLIXCloud File Archiving provides enterprise scale data collection and management powerful data discovery to find and retrieve files quickly and easily. Text search to retrieve a wide range of file formats including documents, images, videos, and PDF. File level controls support legal hold and stubbing to manage exception handling conditions.

SOLIXCloud File Archiving

Key Features

  • Archive all file formats
  • Consolidate and regain control of your data
  • Unlimited scale at a low monthly cost
  • Text search and retrieval
  • Meet compliance goals with policy based retention & legal hold
  • Reduce maintenance and infrastructure costs

Why choose SOLIXCloud File Archiving?

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, SOLIXCloud File Archiving delivers a fully managed low-cost, scalable, elastic, secure, and compliant data management solution for retiring all enterprise data.

SOLIXCloud Application Retirement
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