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Tackle content sprawl

Tackle Content Sprawl

Organizations have a multitude of active and legacy content repositories, and with increasing digitization, more silos are materializing on a regular basis. With SOLIXCloud ECS you can organize all of your enterprise content in a unified cloud content services platform.

  • Significantly reduce data storage and management costs
  • Ensure data availability and access for users, departments, lines of businesses, and compliance teams
  • Protect your content from accidental exposure and deletion
  • Enforce uniform governance and compliance to meet organizational and regulatory requirements
Tackle content sprawl
Improve Control, Compliance & Security

Improve Control, Compliance & Security

Organizations operate in a complex environment with increasing data regulatory demands. SOLIXCloud ECS offers governance and security features to make data protection and compliance easy to manage.

  • Centrally manage content and users to meet information governance requirements
  • Reduce eDiscovery time and costs with the ability to search all content across users and departments
  • Implement comprehensive governance policies for progressive retention and legal holds
  • Secure content with always on encryption for data in-motion and at-rest
  • Ensure high availability and data protection for all enterprise content
  • Granular user authentication, administrative roles, and group settings
Enable Digital and Cloud Transformation

Enable Digital and Cloud Transformation

Digital and cloud transformation is a necessity and no more a choice. Organizations are making significant progress and require all new IT assets to help lay a digital foundation that is extensible and interoperable. SOLIXCloud ECS does exactly that for organizations of all sizes.

  • Power innovative digital processes and integrations with secure APIs
  • Provide employees with self-service data experiences for content storage, discovery, and sharing
  • Benefit from the fully managed cloud service that offers instant scalability
  • Archive legacy content repositories and replace them with a modern content services platform
Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies
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Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies

With terabytes and even petabytes of content that is growing fast, IT departments are finding it difficult to strike a balance between data availability, compliance, security, and costs. SOLIXCloud ECS offers a viable cloud platform for organizations to manage all of their enterprise data cost effectively and securely.

  • Pay as low as $0.24/GB for an all-in-one cloud content services platform
  • Pay only for what you need. Scale-up and down any day, and anytime. No obligations
  • Cut operational costs and free up expensive IT resources with fully managed cloud service
  • Significantly reduce the cost of meeting eDiscovery and litigation costs

Simple and Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Pricing with inbuilt Discounts

One simple low per GB price gets you all the features in SOLIXCloud ECS. No need to worry about paying additional for User licenses or features. Additionally, as your storage needs go up, the price drops to as low as $0.24/GB.

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