• Tackle Content Sprawl

    Tackle Content Sprawl

    Organizations have a multitude of content active and legacy repositories, and with the increasing digitization, more silos materialize on a regular basis. With ECS you can organize all your enterprise content in a unified platform and put an end to data silos.

    • A single, scalable platform, enables the organization to govern all of its content in a uniform manner.
    • A single repository platform simplifies the search for content across multiple lines of business or departments.
    • Significantly reduces storage management costs, eliminating administration costs and hardware, software, power, and cooling related costs.
    • Improves overall service levels for users.
  • Data Protection & Compliance

    Data Protection & Compliance

    Organizations operate in a complex environment with increasing data regulatory demands. SOLIXCloud ECS offers governance and security features to make data protection and compliance simple to manage.

    • High availability and data protection are built-in features of the cloud service. No configuration or extra costs.
    • Comprehensive governance policies for retention and legal hold are included features of the platform service.
    • Secure login and end-to-end encryption are built-in features of the platform service.
    • IT assistance is not required.
  • Cloud Scale

    Cloud Scale

    SOLIXCloud ECS is designed to scale up and down with the changing needs of your business users and applications alike. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, SOLIXCloud ECS offers elastic and, virtually unlimited scalability for organizations of all sizes.

    • Never wait for IT to provide additional storage. New storage is added automatically on an as-needed basis.
    • Never worry about over-provisioning and paying for what you don’t use. Scaling works both ways, up and down. Pay for what you need.
    • No need to negotiate with a storage vendor or provide data center floor space, power, and cooling for additional storage servers.
    • Retention policies automatically help manage growth and ensure that only the content you are legally obligated to maintain is kept.
  • Central Controls

    Central Controls

    Organizations want to enable self-service content services but that shouldn’t mean that there are no organizational controls. SOLIXCloud ECS provides tools that enable Administrators to implement governance policies, monitor usage, and perform bulk data operations.

    • Set default retention policies at the organization level to ensure a basic and consistent level of compliance.
    • Determine the default for the number of versions that will be maintained per file to prevent maintaining an excessive, and unnecessary amount of storage being utilized.
    • Better understand the top users and the distribution of file types across your organization’s SOLIXCloud ECS repository.
    • Control which users have privileges in SOLIXCloud ECS and what domains are supported for users that might be external to your organization.
  • Self-Service


    There is increasing evidence that self-service experiences empower employees to leverage content in innovative ways to realize the objectives of digital transformation. End-users are most productive when they can operate without the need for outside assistance. SOLIXCloud ECS simplifies the user experience, enabling them to be more productive and self-sufficient.

    • Organize your personal files any way you like.
    • Groups like subsidiaries, departments, and project teams can organize content in any manner they wish.
    • Individual groups can have their own designated administrators.
    • The intuitive interface makes it simple to search for, and organize content.
  • Simple Pricing

    Simple Pricing

    One simple low per GB price gets you all the features in SOLIXCloud ECS. There are never any user-related charges so invite as many co-workers, partners, consultants, or customers that you want! In addition, the price per GB automatically drops the more you use.

    • Never worry again about managing user licenses.
    • Never worry about hidden charges such as upload or download fees.
    • No decisions to make on product features vs cost since all features are included.
    • Finally, get the pricing model organizations have always wanted!

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