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Difference between consumption pricing vs reserved pricing?

When you subscribe to consumption based pricing, ECS will charge the payment method on file once at the end of every billing cycle. The amount charged will be based on the max value of storage your account has consumed in that billing cycle. Billing cycle = 30 days

With reserved pricing, you can buy ECS capacity in bulk (1 / 2 / 3 Year terms). You will pay the entire fee upfront for the capacity reserved. As you are committing and paying upfront, we are able to provide you an attractive much lower per TB rate. You will not be charged again every month unless you have exceeded the capacity. Any excess capacity used will be charged at the normal consumption based pricing. Have questions? Email us at

How is storage calculated and billed?

Storage consumed by your organization is calculated every time you or your employees upload or delete content. The Max value consumed in a billing cycle is what you will be charged for in that billing cycle. Also, since our pricing is in multiple TBs, we will always be rounding up to the higher TB number. That is if you consume 0.9 TB, we will be charging you for 1 TB of storage.

Can I get lower prices as I increase my usage?

Oh yes. Absolutely. ECS is designed to scale and ECS is designed to be low cost. ECS automatically provides volume discounts whenever your account hits certain milestones. The discount is not limited to your consumption above the milestone, it gets applied to all the storage you are using. You see, we have people who work for you at ECS. They seem to have influenced us to ensure you get the best always.

  • For 1-10 TB - $99 per TB per month
  • For 26-50 TB - $80 per TB per month
  • For 11-25 TB - $90 per TB per month
  • For 51-100 TB - $70 per TB per month
  • For 101 TB and above $65 per TB per month

What payment methods do you support?

For consumption based billing, we will currently support Credit and Debit cards from all leading payment providers. For reserved purchases, we support both card based payments and ACH / Bank transfers.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Absolutely yes. You can cancel anytime you wish. When you cancel your account, your account will be active for the rest of the billing period so you can download your content and inform your users and gracefully exit without any impact to your business and content. You will receive a final invoice at the end of that billing cycle post which your account will be deleted and you will not incur any charges thereafter.

Can I change my plan anytime?

Absolutely yes. You can alter your plans anytime. Since we charge you a flat fee for all features you have activated based on max value of storage consumed in a billing cycle, we will ensure you get the best from us. I.e, if you remove any of the advanced options, you will continue to have access to those features till the end of the month. If you enable any of the advanced options, they will become active from the day you have made the change.

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