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Introducing “Enterprise Cloud Archive”

Solix ECS introduces a fully managed, low-cost “ENTERPRISE CLOUD ARCHIVE” Tier with real-time data access, governance, search, and collaboration features to help meet regulatory and business requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Are discounts automatically applied?

Yes. Based on the storage volume and the payment frequency, eligible discounts will automatically be applied to your account. Zero hassles.

Do you charge additional for users or access?

No. ECS plans are priced based on your storage allocation. There are no additional charges beyond the per GB price.

Can I change my storage requirements anytime?

Absolutely yes. ECS is designed to be flexible. You can increase or decrease the storage for your account at any time. Even in the middle of your subscription. Payments will automatically get adjusted without any disruption to your service.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently support Credit and Debit cards from all leading payment providers. We plan to introduce online ACH / Bank transfers in the future. If your payment is greater than $10,000/payment cycle, you might be eligible for offline invoicing. Reach out to us at with your queries.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Absolutely yes. You can cancel anytime you wish. When you cancel your account, your account will be active for the rest of the billing period during which you can download your content and inform your users and gracefully exit without any impact to your business and content.

Do you have additional discounts?

Yes. Reach out to us at to check eligibility.

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