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  • Rethink your business processes

    Rethink your business processes

    Organizations all over the world are rapidly digitizing their processes. Our team can analyze your current content landscape, understand the current and future requirements and then help you understand how ECS can empower and enable you on your digital transformation journey. This strategic service can help you end the content sprawl and usher in an efficient and compliant enterprise content management.

  • Sunset legacy applications & content

    Sunset legacy applications & content

    With over two decades of experience, our team can help you figure out the right strategy to sunset your legacy applications, servers and content without losing access to the underlying data. Our team will also help you set the right governance policies to help you stay compliant while reducing costs significantly.

  • Migrate large volumes of data efficiently

    Migrate large volumes of data efficiently

    ECS already features an amazing self-service bulk data migration tool for admins to move data to ECS. However, when you need to migrate terabytes of data to the cloud within a short time or without impacting your network, you need a different solution. Our services team can help by providing you with a simple, secure offline data transfer mechanism through which you can transfer any volume of data (TBs to PBs) to ECS cost-effectively and in a timely manner without any impact to your network.

  • Export Services

    Export Services

    While ECS provides easy ways to access and download your content, there might be some unique times during which you might be required to download very large volumes of data. In such cases, we can help you strategize on the right approach and even offer FTP or offline modes of data export.

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