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IBM has announced the withdrawal of marketing, entitlements and support for certain critical programs in the IBM Infosphere Optim product line effective December 16, 2022. Of critical concern clients will no longer be able to purchase support or entitlements to certain ‘Optim Connect’ technology which provides access to archive data.

‘Optim Connect’ technology refers to:

  1. The Optim Open Data Manager components and offerings which support ODBC and JDBC connectivity to Optim Archive Files.
  2. The Optim Non Relational Connector components and offerings which support connectors to mainframes and distributed data sources.

Optim users risk the loss of access to their archive data since connectivity to Optim archive files is no longer supported and ‘NO REPLACEMENTS’ are available from IBM. Clients of Optim Open Data Manager will no longer have ODBC and JDBC access to their archive files, and since Optim files are proprietary, only Optim Open Data Manager provides in place granular access to the Optim Archive.

IBM Infosphere Optim Discontinuance Announcement:

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