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SOLIXCloud ECS File Archiving

Gartner estimates that unstructured data represents an astounding 80 to 90% of all new enterprise data, and it's growing 3X faster than structured data.

It is no surprise that organizations have a multitude of file repositories across departments and divisions. Much of the data in these file repositories and le gacy ECM systems is old and rarely ever accessed. However, the data has to be retained for future business and compliance requirements. But retaining such legacy data in production systems increases costs and adversely impacts productivity, compliance, data protection, and information availability.

With SOLIX ECS organizations can efficiently identify and archive less frequently accessed files and legacy file systems to a self-service, low cost and secure cloud repository with real-time search & access, centralized governance, security and compliance.

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Key Capabilities

  • Simplify & Automate File Archiving

    Quickly enable a centralized cloud based file archive for your enterprise to manage data growth, data retention and compliance requirements.

    • Automate file archiving with built-in smart migration tools, scheduler, file analysis and APIs
    • Enable end-user archiving through drag & drop / file upload capabilities
    • Archive all file formats including office files, .pdfs, emails, videos, images, logs, CAD, DICOM, etc
    • Ensure data integrity and compliance with data validation and audit reports
    • Enforce security, governance and compliance with centralized enterprise controls
    • Store unlimited number of files with petabyte scale cloud repository
  • Empower users with Self-Service Discovery & Archiving

    Provide your business, governance, legal and IT teams with self-service capabilities to archive, access, govern and secure files

    • Archive using Drag & Drop or advanced data migration capabilities
    • Easily browse the file archives with permission based content explorer
    • Preview the archived files (upto 50 formats) without having to download the files
    • Easily find relevant files with advanced full content text search capabilities
    • Enable archive access to specific users or groups of users
  • Intelligent Data Security, Governance & Compliance at scale

    Streamline and enforce industry best practices using the centralized enterprise controls to secure files and to meet business, legal and regulatory requirements.

      Data Security

    • Ensure data security with default AES 256 bit encryption for data in motion and at rest
    • Enforce your corporate application authentication policies with SSO integration
    • Provide role-based restricted access to content via permission and groups

      Automate Governance & Compliance

    • Automate retention management of files across source and archive repositories
    • Automate e-discovery and legal-hold for comprehensive, defensible discovery, and deletion practices
    • Automate classification of sensitive data at scale and enforce appropriate access & retention policies
    • Choose from a choice of global data centers to meet data residency requirements
    • Leverage WORM storage on selective data for immutability to meet compliance requirements
    • Granular audit reports for all user and content management activities
    • Meet compliance requirements for data retention and privacy regulations such as SEC 17a-4, GDPR, HIPAA, FLSA, SOX, IRS and others
  • Significantly Reduce Costs

    Unlock valuable IT hardware and human resources while leveraging intelligent cost saving features of Solix Cloud based file archiving

    • Reduce storage, backup, and maintenance costs using Archive & Purge option
    • Unlock valuable IT hardware and budgets by retiring legacy file repositories and ECM systems
    • Free up valuable IT resources with a fully managed cloud file archiving solution
    • Keep archiving costs low with flexible storage that can be scaled up / down anytime
    • Tier aging data to lower cost storage for additional cost savings
    • Pay only for what you use with pay-as-you-go model
    • Add Unlimited user accounts for free. Just pay for the storage you need

Solix SaaS Advantage

  • Self-service


  • Fully Managed

    Fully Managed

  • Secure & Compliant

    Secure & Compliant

  • Intelligent & Flexible Storage

    Intelligent & Flexible Storage

  • Unlimited Scale

    Unlimited Scale

  • Unlimited Users for Free

    Unlimited Users for Free

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

  • Low Cost & Pay-as-you-go

    Low Cost & Pay-as-you-go

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