Key Platform Capabilities

  • Self-service Data

    Self-service Data

    SOLIXCloud ECS is designed from the ground up to provide a self-service data experience for business users while adhering to organizational compliance policies. These self-service capabilities empower employees to store, organize, and find content easily.

    With SOLIXCloud ECS, business users can easily upload, manage, and access their content without requiring help from IT. Additional capabilities will constantly be added in the future. Engage with the SOLIXCloud ECS team if you would like to hear about our service roadmap or participate as an influencer. Help us build a cloud service for you!

  • Powerful Search

    Powerful Search

    Finding the right piece of content efficiently is crucial for the success of business users, compliance professionals, and IT teams. This becomes particularly critical as organizations and end-users deal with increasing data volumes, a regulatory environment that is in flux.

    With SOLIXCloud ECS Advanced search, users can sift through petabytes of data efficiently to find specific files of interest quickly. This easy to use search feature allows users to search by metadata, full file content, and tags. Appropriate filters can be used to narrow your search results.

  • Data Governance & Security

    Data Governance & Security

    Data governance and security are critical for any organization to function successfully. Both risk and costs are incurred if files are unmanaged. Reduce costs by automatically removing obsolete content. Reduce risk by securing and protecting files through the end of their lifecycle.

    SOLIXCloud ECS provides many features to streamline data governance and protect enterprise data. Multi-level retention and legal hold policies automatically ensure both compliance and reduced risk. Role-based access and end-to-end encryption, significantly reduce unauthorized access. Redundancy and high availability are built-in features, providing organizations with the highest possible levels of data protection.

  • Central Administration

    Central Administration

    Every organization must manage a large number of content stores. Virtually every application you have is creating some type of file. It could be a spreadsheet, document, photo, or video. It could be a series of log files used for auditing, user analytics, or troubleshooting. Having a single archive repository simplifies management, improves compliance, and reduces risks and costs.

    Centralized administration enables organizations to implement multi-level organizational compliance policies. It enables a single view of the usage and costs associated with file management. SOLIXCloud ECS provides complete flexibility, supporting virtually any file type, unlimited users, and storage. Enterprise settings enable organizational control over things such as individual user storage quotas, file type exclusions, how many versions of a document to maintain, and more. Through centralized administration, your organization can gain control and gain compliance while reducing risks and costs.

  • Bulk Data Migration

    Bulk Data Migration

    For many organizations, modernizing legacy content silos is a key objective and a cloud repository such as SOLIXCloud ECS is the perfect destination. Modernization requires organizations to migrate legacy content repositories into SOLIXCloud ECS and actively move newly eligible content into SOLIXCloud ECS on a periodic basis.

    The SOLIXCloud ECS bulk data migration feature is an easy to use, guided tool, that offers intelligent data migration features for organizations to identify, migrate, organize, and govern data. This comprehensive best in class enterprise tool makes bulk data migration a breeze. When retiring legacy content stores, organizations may need to move multiple TBs or even petabytes of data within a short period of time, for this, SOLIXCloud ECS offers secure offline data migration solutions that cost a fraction of over the network cloud data transfers. In addition, Solix professional services can perform migrations for your organization, freeing up valuable IT resources and likely reducing time and costs associated with legacy retirement.

  • APIs for Integration

    APIs for Integration

    As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, SOLIXCloud ECS can be the enterprise content backbone that empowers and supports the transformation. Key enablers of this goal are the SOLIXCloud ECS APIs that allow you to build digital processes and applications with SOLIXCloud ECS as the content layer.

    With the SOLIXCloud ECS APIs businesses can build intelligent content driven applications that ingest data into SOLIXCloud ECS and automate the availability of this data with relevant teams for back office processing. Additionally, you can enforce retention and legal hold progressively when ingesting content via the APIs. The APIs also allow you to search and access the content in SOLIXCloud ECS from your core applications thereby enabling seamless availability of data for applications and business users.

      Key features that make SOLIXCloud ECS APIs a powerful enabler of digital transformation are:

    • Ingest files
    • Webhooks
    • List metadata view
    • Encryption
    • File details
    • Whitelisting
    • Search
    • Self-service
    • Access

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