Features to Supercharge Content Management

SOLIXCloud ECS is an all-in-one cloud content services platform designed for organizations of all sizes. It is low cost, yet comes with enterprise ready capabilities to offer complete content management and services for organizations. Below is a list of features that are all included in your SOLIXCloud ECS subscription.

  • SOLIXCloud ECS provides a low cost, yet enterprise ready cloud content platform that is not limited by user or access limits. This allows organizations, without worrying about costs, to empower their users and applications to store and organize all content into a single unified platform resulting in greater control and governance over content while ensuring superior content availability and discoverability for its business.

      Features for Business Users

    • Individual login with cloud storage for every user
    • Easy upload of content using drag & drop or file browser
    • Create folders and organize content
    • Move / Copy files and folders as needed
    • Organize files into collections for quick access
    • Tag and comment for future reference and search
    • Delete and restore files as needed
    • Retain up to a max of 100 versions for each file

      Features for Admins and Governance Teams

    • Roll out ECS to all employees at no extra cost
    • An enterprise content repository separate from user storage for departmental, application and line of business content
    • Self-service bulk content migration tools with scheduling and many advanced features
    • WORM data storage for immutability
    • Automatic validation of uploaded content to ensure data integrity

      Features for Developers

    • Secure APIs to leverage ECS as the content storage/repository for applications and digital processes
  • SOLIXCloud ECS is designed ground up to provide self-service data experiences for business users in compliance with organizational policies. WIth the ability to add unlimited users at no cost, organizations can empower business users, content teams, governance teams, and IT teams to leverage content in innovative ways to realize the objectives of digital transformation while meeting information security and governance requirements.

      Features for Business Users

    • Browse files in a familiar grid or list view
    • View content shared with you or member groups
    • View files in-app without having to download
    • Annotate, comment, tag files
    • Apply redaction or digital marks when sharing
    • Discover content faster with advanced granular search
    • Browse your file collections for quick access
    • View, download, print file metadata with a click

      Features for Admins and Governance Teams

    • All unlimited users at no additional cost
    • Enable group or individual members with governed controlled access to enterprise content
    • Browse, search and act on all content under management in ECS
    • View files and their metadata in-app

      Features for Developers

    • Secure list, view and search APIs to extend content into digital processes and applications.
  • Data governance, regulatory compliance and content security are all critical for any organization to win trust in the market. However, organizations also have to balance the need to empower users, processes and applications with instant access to content to realize the benefits of digital transformation. Balancing all these needs is crucial and SOLIXCloud ECS is designed to help organizations achieve it. SOLIXCloud ECS offers organizations of all sizes with a secure and compliant home to all enterprise content without compromising the integrity or availability of data.

      Features that enable content governance, compliance and security

    • Enterprise Content Browser: SOLIXCloud ECS provides governance teams and administrators with the ability to browse, access, view and manage content across the organization i.e. across user accounts and enterprise content repository. This unified content access provides a single pane of glass view to all enterprise content and the ability to enforce granular governance and security policies.
    • Progressive Retention, Legal Hold and E-Discovery: SOLIXCloud ECS offers governance teams with the ability to implement granular and progressive retention and legal hold policies. Aided by powerful search, workflows and the ability to apply retention and legal hold at granular levels such as enterprise, user, source, folder, file, and metadata, organizations can now gain absolute control over data retention and protection to meet regulatory and eDiscovery requirements.
    • Audit & Validation Reports: SOLIXCloud ECS offers detailed audit reports for all actions on the platform for administrators and governance teams. Additionally, the content services platform also offers detailed validation reports for bulk content migration to validate integrity of content migration.
    • Versioning: SOLIX ECS allows administrators to enable automatic versioning so a new version is added instead of overwriting the existing file. The platform allows users to browse and recover, delete, download versions. Organization can retain upto a maximum of 100 versions at any time for each file.
    • PDF/A for Content Preservation: SOLIXCloud ECS provides the ability to convert a large variety of documents into PDF/A format . PDF/A is an ISO-standardized type of PDF file that’s used for archiving and long-term preservation of files so they can be reproduced exactly as the original file.
    • Content Metadata Management: Add custom metadata information to your content. You can even import metadata from your existing content stores into SOLIXCloud ECS. This serves several purposes such as enhanced search and retrieval, metadata based application of governance and classification policies.
    • Content Encryption: With always-on encryption for content at rest and in-motion, SOLIXCloud ECS provides best in class security for all your enterprise content. The content services platform uses TLS1.2 to encrypt data in motion and uses 256 bit AES encryption for all data in storage including backups.
    • WORM Storage: SOLIXCloud ECS offers immutable WORM storage to meet requirements of regulations such as SEC 17 a-4. With this capability, organizations can maintain data availability and integrity in a manner that no one can erase, corrupt or alter the content for the required retention period, and those who have access rights can read and use the content unhindered.
  • There is a strong need for IT managers to centrally manage enterprise content to adhere to organizational and regulatory guidelines. With ECS 'comprehensive approach to content management, businesses are able to consolidate their data from across users, departments and applications into a central repository. Additionally, the central administration capabilities provide IT and compliance teams with an enterprise wide visibility and control over the content uploaded and accessed. The User management and administrative roles help further bolster organizational control and ensure data security.

      Features for Centralized Controls

    • Central content repository for users, departments and applications
    • Bulk Data migration tools
    • Enterprise content browser
    • Ability to apply retention and legal hold across user and enterprise content
    • Granuaral User management and authentication
    • Administrative roles
    • Groups management
    • Controls to define User sessions, password policies, versioning, trash folder management and more.
    • Detailed audit reports
    • Instant, flexible scalability based on storage
    • Automated centralized billing
  • As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, SOLIXCloud ECS can be the enterprise content backbone that empowers and supports the transformation. Key enablers of this goal are the ECS APIs that allow developers to build digital processes and applications with ECS as the content layer.

    With the ECS APIs businesses can build intelligent content driven applications that ingest data into ECS and automate the availability of this data with relevant teams for back office processing. Additionally, governance teams can enforce policy based retention and legal hold on content ingested via the APIs. The APIs also allow developers to integrate ECS search and file access into core applications thereby enabling seamless availability of data for applications and business users.

      ECS APIs allows you to securely:

    • Ingest files
    • List content
    • Retrieve metadata information
    • Search content
    • Access individual files

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