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Data Pipelines for the Data-driven Enterprise

Enterprise data lakes are the centerpiece of cloud data management programs that feed data-driven applications.

SOLIXCloud Enterprise Data Lake connects with any source, provides data governance and a centralized metadata repository. Prepare, manage and access all your structured and unstructured data at scale. Leverage predefined or customized data pipelines for downstream processing.

SOLIXCloud Enterprise Data Lake Bundle

Enterprise data lakes either store data ‘as-is’ at the time of ingestion to avoid time-consuming and expensive ETL processes, or they provide data preparation services to profile, cleanse, enrich, transform, model and create data pipelines to meet specific application requirements.

SOLIXCloud Enterprise Data Lake

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SOLIXCloud Enterprise Data Lake Key Capabilities

Solix Data Pipelines

Solix Data Pipelines

Data pipelines are a series of data flows where the output of one element is the input of the next one, and so on. Data lakes serve as the collection and access points in a data pipeline and are responsible for data organization and access control.

Depending on your organization’s needs, create custom or leverage predefined ETL workflows integrated end-to-end with data preparation services.

The goal is real-time data for data-driven applications.

Solix Connect

Solix Connect

Modern organizations must manage all enterprise data including legacy mainframe systems, ERP, CRM, file stores, relational/non-relational databases, and even SaaS environments like Salesforce or Workday which have become the new systems of record.

SOLIXCloud provides easy to use cloud data management as-a-service with a comprehensive capability to connect, ingest, and manage any type of data from any source.

  • Connectors that support mainframe applications (relational/non-relational, flat files etc.)
  • Connectors for virtually any type of database or operating system
  • Connectors to SaaS-based services such as Workday, Salesforce, Netsuite, Kronos and more
Solix Connect

Solix Metadata Management

Solix Metadata Management

Solix metadata management is an end-to-end framework to explore all enterprise metadata and data lineage from a centralized repository and business glossary.

Build metadata catalogs, and establish policies and processes with specific business context to ensure enterprise data can be integrated, accessed, shared and analyzed for proper data management and data governance.

  • Explore your enterprise data landscape with catalogs
  • Understand the data lifecycle
  • Establish consistent descriptions and business context for your data
Data Preparation

Solix Data Preparation

When “as-is” data does not meet application requirements, cloud data platforms cleanse and transform raw data in preparation for future processing.

Data preparation makes data fit-for-use and improves data quality through:

  • Data profiling
  • Data cleansing
  • Data enrichment
  • Data transformation
  • Data modeling
Data Preparation

Solix Data Governance

Solix Data Governance

Managing data throughout its lifecycle carries inherent risks and opportunities for the organization. All enterprise data must be kept secure and compliant with data privacy and availability for litigation orders. Proper data governance requires continuous monitoring and audit availability as well as support for compliance policies and consumer data privacy.

SOLIXCloud delivers comprehensive data governance capabilities:

  • Data Sovereignty
  • Data classification and discovery of sensitive data
  • Robust security including encryption, data masking and role-based security
  • Policy-driven Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) with legal-holds and comprehensive data privacy
Solix Search

Solix Search

Organizations need to search and query all enterprise data. Users must access transactions from active and decommissioned ERP and CRM systems, HR files and perhaps old X-rays for a patient. Since this data is stored in a wide variety of formats, search methods must support different metadata models for simple end-user access even if the system of record that produced the data no longer exists.

SOLIXCloud data management provides powerful enterprise search to enable self-service access to any data by authorized users.

  • Centralized metadata management
  • A data catalog and business glossary
  • A wide variety of search methods
Solix Search

Key Benefits

  • Low cost bulk data storage
  • Comprehensive data governance & compliance control
  • 100% metadata driven
  • Make analytics data fit for use with robust data preparation
  • Unified data repository for all enterprise data (structured & unstructured)
  • Support consumer data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and others
  • Solix Data Browser to explore your data landscape
  • Solix CDP/API for third-party access & integration

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Why SOLIXCloud?

SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving delivers a fully managed low-cost, scalable, elastic, secure, and compliant data management solution for all enterprise data.

  • Single Platform

    Single Platform

    Unified archive for structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

  • Reduce Risk

    Reduce Risk

    Policy driven archiving and data retention

  • 24/7 Global Support

    24/7 Support

    Solix offers world-class support from experts 24/7 to meet your data management needs.

  • On-demand Scale

    On-demand Scale

    Elastic offering to scale storage and support with your project

  • Fully Managed

    Fully Managed

    Software as-a-service offering

  • Secure & Compliant

    Secure & Compliant

    Comprehensive Data Governance

  • Low Cost & Pay-as-you-go

    Low Cost

    Pay-as-you-go monthly subscription so you only purchase what you need.

  • End-User Friendly

    End-User Friendly

    End-user data access with flexibility for format options.

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