Delivering Customer Success

Solix offers an array of modern data management products and customized professional services to help organizations implement solutions successfully. Our services combine the best of People, Process, and Software to help organizations realize ROI quickly at each step of their project. Lean on our experienced Solix experts and benefit from their combined experience of implementing some of the most complex and largest data management projects ever.

Professional Services


  • QuickStart Services

    Solix Professional Services team will collaborate closely with your team to get your archiving projects off to a quick and successful start. Scope of QuickStart services include:

    • Assist your team in designing and implementing SDLC for your archiving projects
    • Assist Customer infra & security team to configure Solix CDP authentication using LDAP, AD or SSO
    • Perform readiness test / assessment
    • Build documentation

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  • Application Retirement Services

    Let the archiving experts retire/decommission your application. Solix offers expert application retirement services at a simplified fixed pricing per application (with a supported connector). For the services, you will have the option to choose between the Solix Application Retirement Factory Team or a dedicated team. The application retirement services include:

    • Setup
    • Migration
    • Validation
    • Data access

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  • Active Archiving Services

    Utilize Solix active archiving service to maintain your production application database in peak condition while meeting the information access needs and data retention policies of your organization. Solix will help implement an archiving strategy that fits your data life cycle policy while achieving improved application performance, reduced maintenance and infrastructure costs. Active archiving services include:

    • Initial implementation
    • Set-up initial archiving policy
    • On-going archiving (monthly or quarterly)

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  • Solix Training and certification

    If you are an organization that believes in self-sufficiency, then we have the right program for you. Solix training and certification program is designed to empower organizations such as yours to build self-sufficiency with data archiving using SOLIXCloud. The following courses can be taken by your customer application teams based on their roles.

    • Archiving Implementation (5 Days):Covers implementation of Active archiving and Application Retirement
    • Data Access (5 Days):Covers access to archived data through EBRs, search, forms and reports
    • Administrator (5 days):Covers administration of users, roles, privileges and more.

    The course can be delivered at a Solix location, your office or Online.

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